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At Born & Bicknell, our reputation is a result of the respectful atmosphere our company values and projects. This means that our staff respects each other, all of our candidates, all of our clients, and every individual we encounter. Simply stated, we have earned our reputation by doing good business.

Feel free to peruse interesting stories and comments from some of our physician candidates and clients. We hope you will share their experiences as it will give you an idea of what you can expect when you allow us to serve you.

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Candidate Testimonial

I am writing to thank you for all your help with my job search.

I truly believe that I could not have signed for such a wonderful position without your hard work and support.

Your thorough professionalism and sincerity is what distinguished you from all the other firms I worked with. You guys are truly a class apart!

But perhaps most important to me was the feeling that you guys were always in my corner throughout the interviewing and negotiation. I can imagine (and indeed have experienced with other firms) how the incentives in the recruiting business may cause some firms to seem like hospital hired negotiators. But I never got that from you. To be specific, when I told you about another offer that I was considering, you did not try to just sell your job listing. You talked with me about the trade-offs in an unbiased manner that I would expect from a trusted friend and adviser. Again, when the terms in the contract changed, you did not simply rationalize the management decisions. You helped me negotiate in a structured fashion until I got what I wanted. I got nothing but pure honesty from you and I am thankful for that.

With these ethics, you not only make an ideal partner for physicians, but also you enhance the image and credibility of the employing institutions.

As I work on my visa and licensing paperwork this Thanksgiving, I cannot help but express my deepest gratitude to you.

I know you called the testimonial request  a "favor", but it is something I owe you!      

Happy Thanksgiving!

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