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The Born & Bicknell
DO's and DONT's of Selecting a Physician
Recruitment Firm for your Job Search


DO Select a Firm that is reputable and a member of the National Association of Physician Recruiters [NAPR]. The NAPR recognizes as professionals all individuals who provide physician search services whether they recruit for clients or for their own organizations. Members of the NAPR are obligated to conduct business so that their actions reflect positively on the profession and association. These members adhere to a code of ethics and set of standards of practice and procedures which are professional for the industry.

Born & Bicknell, Inc. is a member firm of the NAPR

DO Select a Firm that takes the time to listen to your needs and puts you first in the process. This saves everyone time.

Born & Bicknell, Inc. consultants listen closely and carefully to your concerns and needs. We offer guidance through sound recommendations. We will never "push" you toward an opportunity that you are not interested in. We work hard and do the research necessary for the best match... this makes the search process easy on you!

DO Select a Firm which is confidential and gives you complete control of your job search. Avoid firms that mass fax their candidate's curriculum vitaes to all of their clients without presenting the opportunities to the candidates and getting permission to release their information. An opportunity may receive your c.v. over and over by different firms, causing confusion and controversy and this does not make a positive impression for you.

Be aware that there are firms that work with other search firms on a "split deal" basis and your c.v. may be shared with these companies without your knowledge.

Be cognizant that there are firms that may email your c.v. all over the country in an unsolicited manner to healthcare organizations with which they have no contractual relationship. This is unprofessional and can be detrimental to your search.

Confidentiality is a distinguishing mark of Born & Bicknell, Inc. Our consultants will never release your curriculum vitae without your prior permission. Born & Bicknell, Inc. does not share c.v.'s with other firms. 

DO Select a Firm that presents accurate and complete information regarding practice opportunities.

Born & Bicknell, Inc. consultants are thorough in their presentations to you regarding all of our varied practice opportunities. We understand your need to make informed decisions.


DON'T Select a Firm that charges you a fee. Any professional fee should always be paid by the client opportunity not the physician candidate. Also, your interview expenses should be paid for by the client opportunity.

All of Born & Bicknell, Inc. clients pay our professional fees. There is never a charge to the physician candidate. 99% of Born & Bicknell, Inc. clients pay for all interviewing expenses. Many of our clients will also prepay some expenses including airline tickets. In the very rare case that a client will not pay for interviewing expenses, our consultants will make you aware of this in advance so that you may decide whether or not you want to pursue the opportunity. There are no surprises!

DON'T Select a Firm which demands that you sign an exclusive arrangement or "give them an exclusive" whereby you can only work with them on your search. Be wary of firms which tell you that they have all of the job opportunities and you should not work with any other firm. It is not possible for one firm to have all of the available practice opportunities.

Born & Bicknell, Inc. is a nationwide firm and has a vast database of excellent practice opportunities throughout the United States. However, we do not claim to have all of the opportunities that exist. We recommend using our firm and possibly one to two other reputable companies who are also members of the National Association of Physician Recruiters. Thus, you will not limit yourself regarding opportunities and you will not be overwhelmed as well from too many recruiters contacting you.

DON'T Select a Firm whose staff is trained to use high pressure tactics and seem to almost "stalk" their candidates via the phone. These are "pressure cooker" companies which foster unnecessary calls to you throughout the day to meet phone quotas.

Born & Bicknell, Inc. consultants respect the efficacy of your professional time. They are trained to very high standards and will only contact you with vital information regarding your search. Our consultants are some of the hardest working professionals in the industry and are dedicated to making themselves available when you are. They will call you when it's convenient for you.