Born & Bicknell

CEO Letter

Would you like a hard working, driven, results oriented, physician recruiter working for you?  Someone who will quickly secure your perfect opportunity or fill your open search?  Contact the professionals at Born & Bicknell, Inc.  Our firm is poised to help you with the many changes and exciting challenges you may face.   Our consultants are highly skilled, trained, and experienced professionals who have a “can do” attitude.  Most importantly, they love what they do!  What that means is that they care and are driven to help you achieve the success you seek in your search!  Search our database of over 1,900 practice opportunities across the country.  Better yet, contact us and we’ll do all the searching for you.  We know what’s hot in the market, and we also understand the psychology of the hiring process.  Put us to work for you.


You deal with so much every day.  Trying to get your job done while also dealing with your search.  The time consumption, logistics can be daunting.  Today’s marketplace is full of “information overload” from job boards, classified ads, mailings, unwanted phone solicitations, and more.  Finding the right match, interviewing, negotiating, etc!  What’s a medical professional to do?  It’s simple.  Contact Born & Bicknell.  We will sort through all the clutter for you.  We have the connections, we have the network, and most importantly we have the time to get the job done.  Let us help you make your dream placement a reality. 


Our firm is a member in good standing of the National Association of Physician Recruiters since 1996.  We adhere to a strict code of ethics with confidentiality being a distinguishing mark of our firm.  For physician candidates, our service is free.  For clients, you owe us nothing unless we fill your search with one of our top quality candidates.  You have everything to gain when you work with Born & Bicknell. 


If you haven’t been referred to us yet, contact us today. 


Very best regards,


Jane E. Born, CEO