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Welcome to the Born & Bicknell Physician Opportunity Search! Our goal at Born & Bicknell is to help you achieve your goals in seeking a new practice. Simply click on the States of your choice and specialty to review a portion of the opportunities we have available. Contact our offices directly and talk to our professional physician consultants for even more up to the minute opportunities throughout the United States.
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I'm sure all of you have occasionally looked at the back of the trade magazines and the web to see what job opportunities are out there. I was doing that myself back in early 2003 when an inquiry I sent in was routed to my recruiters desk at Born & Bicknell. It is the role of a recruiter to find and present job prospects to the physician. She listened carefully to the description of my "dream practice" and only called with appropriate choices. Much to my surprise, within 3 months I found myself signing on at a new location. She was very helpful in facilitating the process and I recommend her highly--only if you're not afraid of finding a better practice ;-) "

Take care,


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Client Testimonials

This recruiter has been patiently working with me since last year on a particular search and has made a lasting impression with her determination. She has never stopped or let down her guard on this search and is one of the few that actually listen to what we're really concentrating on when it comes to candidates.  She does a great job for B & B and has my vote to be promoted to a higher office!!  After we close this search of course!!!!!!!! ha ha ha


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