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Welcome to the Born & Bicknell Physician Opportunity Search! Our goal at Born & Bicknell is to help you achieve your goals in seeking a new practice. Simply click on the States of your choice and specialty to review a portion of the opportunities we have available. Contact our offices directly and talk to our professional physician consultants for even more up to the minute opportunities throughout the United States.
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Candidate Testimonials

Given the opportunity to restart my job search, I would have loved to known about Born & Bicknell at the very beginning.  The professionalism, diligence, and compassion my recruiter displayed was unmatched by others in her field.  She was a true coach, guiding my application through the entire process.  I believe her reputation also added a degree of merit to my candidacy.  It was an honor to work with my recruiter at Born & Bicknell.  I am extremely satisfied and excited to start my new career. 




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Client Testimonials

To the staff at Born and Bicknell,

You are a true treasure. With each new candidate placement, my trust and reliance on the partnership we have developed deepens. Those are two key components of our partnership for me - trust and reliance. You have come to understand my style of recruiting and tailor your approach to that style.

Just like me, I trust that you have the physician's best interest at the forefront of the recruitment process. I trust that you are working just as diligently as I to make the placement happen. I relay on your expertise and experience to make the placement happen. Together we have worked in tandem in bringing current practice opportunities to a swift and successful placement. Not only do I appreciate your skills and work ethic; I enjoy the manner in which you approach your day. I know whenever I place a call to Born and Bicknell that the staff on the other end will greet me with enthusiasm for the work at hand. Keep up the great work!


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