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At Born & Bicknell, our reputation is a result of the respectful atmosphere our company values and projects. This means that our staff respects each other, all of our candidates, all of our clients, and every individual we encounter. Simply stated, we have earned our reputation by doing good business.

Feel free to peruse interesting stories and comments from some of our physician candidates and clients. We hope you will share their experiences as it will give you an idea of what you can expect when you allow us to serve you.

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Client Testimonials

Locating the right physician for a town of 30,000 in the rural Midwest is always a challenge.  Having just completed a successful search with the assistance of my recruiter at Born and Bicknell,  I need to send commendations for a job well done.

I appreciate the professionalism with which the entire process was handled, and also her willingness to go far beyond average customer service, to get the job done.  When things were moving slowly, She kept everyone moving in the same direction with timely contacts, and when things were moving rapidly, she was on top of everything even when it meant calls and follow-up outside her business hours.

I felt as if we'd suddenly gained a new member of our local team,  who knew just what we wanted in a physician candidate, and was fully committed to finding the best possible candidate.  I look forward to joining forces again in the future.

Jean B

In Iowa


Today I am celebrating the signing of a contract with a breast surgeon and one of our Surgical Practices.  I feel that it is only fitting that I brag about my experience with your company. I only began recruiting physicians in July of 2006 and have experienced several not so nice recruiting firms that helped me quickly learn who did and did not earn our facilities's business. I began working with my recruiter at Born and Bicknell in January, 2007. We were searching for a Urologist at that time. During our conversation, I asked her if she had a breast surgeon candidate. By March, she had found an excellent candidate for us. As of today, June 18, 2007, all of our teamwork and efforts have resulted in our candidate committing to our facility where she will be starting in January, 2008! (CELEBRATE!) During the entire process, she was very friendly, professional and accommodating. I felt like we were a great team. She always kept me up to date with any news regarding the candidate. We spoke to each other almost every day during the recruiting process, sharing ideas and laughs. If there were times when  either of us was having a bad day, hearing each others "sunny voice" made a real difference. We have become "phone friends" and I look forward to working with her and many more candidates in the future. (I even bragged about her on the ASPR website!) I hope her phone rings off the hook!!!  At no time did she make me feel pressured or stressed like some recruiting companies have a way of doing. She made me feel like her most important client, even though I know she had many others at the same time. She treated me with respect and kindness.  I would HIGHLY recommend her and Born and Bicknell to any facility needing the assistance of an excellent recruiting company. You won't be sorry that you did. Your next doctor is just a phone call away!!!!!

Thank You for allowing me to share my experience.

Sharon in PA 

Bringing a new physician to your community is always cause to celebrate, but to find a needed specialty for our community after over two years of searching has truly been a wonderful event. Working with my Born & Bicknell recruiter was a natural fit from the start – not only did she know our area but she was passionate about it being a great place to live, work, and play and I am positive that her enthusiasm was transferred to the candidates she worked with. That passion was key to engaging the physician who ultimately chose to relocate to our area, and without that passion he may have never given our opportunity a chance. Her energy and ability to stay in close contact with the candidate(s) as well as keeping the hospital informed every step of the way, truly made the process an interactive and pleasant experience. We look forward to working with her again and bringing many more providers to our community!

I have worked with a few of the recruiters from Born & Bicknell for the past three years and I have found them to be most professional and very easy to work with.  They are sensitive to your needs and seek candidates that are appropriate for your opportunity.  Their communication and follow up is excellent and each has been a joy to work with.  I know that when I get a candidate from Born & Bicknell, I can be confident that they have done their homework.  I cannot say enough about their customer service.   


Medical Group in NY State

My experience in placing a hospitalist for our community hospital has been that our Born and Bicknell recruiter was most determined to close that deal!  She was in constant contact with us and really helped us find the right terms to match client to candidate.

Thank you so much for everything.


I had a good discussion with Dr. McC.   She remains interested so I told her one of the physicians would be contacting her early next week. 


You’’ve referred so many candidates that I think we’’ll talk with as many as possible and then choose who we want to invite for an interview.  I’’ve honestly never had so many candidates at once so we’’re treating this process differently than the past where we got 1 candidate every 6-12 months.  We should have found you guys years ago.   Thanks for all your help.

“It has been a unique pleasure to work with my Born & Bicknell consultant in recruiting an outstanding family medicine physician to our community.  Upon learning about our need and, after thoroughly investigating and understanding our requirements, she promptly brought us only candidates who matched those requirements.  A hallmark of the entire recruitment process was her communication ability.  She was always proactive in obtaining information, prompt in her interactions and accurate in her communications.  She always conducted herself in a most trustworthy and professional manner.  I highly recommend Born & Bicknell  and intend to seek my consultant’’s assistance with future recruitment initiatives.”


Gary S in Iowa  

September 2011

As the Physician Recruiter for CCH, I have been working with my Born & Bicknell recruiter for the past five years. In my opinion, she is "tops" in every way when it comes to recruiters. She is professional, energetic, and responsive. She is an awesome representative of your firm.

G. N.

We worked for our first experience with Born and Bicknell on a start-up primary care search.  Our consultant was not only very diligent and thorough, but also incredibly cheerful, positive and willing to take the lead on necessary follow-ups and the like.  We celebrated together when we finally got this contract signed, as I truly feel the "work" part of this search was equally shared by the firm and our hospital, not just your typical "here's a name, let me know if you get a contract" approach some firms take.

A.G., Vice President of a Hospital in Ohio

I have had the pleasure to work with several of your recruiters. Although I work with a handful of outside recruiting firms, I have been exceedingly impressed with the warmth and professionalism that both they project. As we've had the opportunity to work together on a few especially difficult searches, I have developed complete confidence in their ability to represent my hospital professionally and appropriately while they work with the client to "close the deal." I would highly recommend Born and Bicknell to other in-house recruiters.


Director, Physician Recruitment

"Born & Bicknell have successfully placed two well-qualified internal medicine physicians to fill our permanent needs. We are extremely impressed by the professionalism of the staff to deliver superior customer service and their ability to assess our current need by sending quality candidates. The staff consistently makes themselves available to us from the initial contact to the final step in each recruitment effort.  We highly recommend the skilled services of Born Bicknell to fill all of your recruitment needs."



Physician Recruitment

Healthcare System in Michigan

Thanks for the nice note, but the thank you needs to go to you and your group.  You found us a great candidate and we are very happy to have him join our group. Thanks again and I appreciate all of your hard efforts.  Looking forward to many more physicians from Born & Bicknell.  Have a great day.


To the staff at Born and Bicknell,

You are a true treasure. With each new candidate placement, my trust and reliance on the partnership we have developed deepens. Those are two key components of our partnership for me - trust and reliance. You have come to understand my style of recruiting and tailor your approach to that style.

Just like me, I trust that you have the physician's best interest at the forefront of the recruitment process. I trust that you are working just as diligently as I to make the placement happen. I relay on your expertise and experience to make the placement happen. Together we have worked in tandem in bringing current practice opportunities to a swift and successful placement. Not only do I appreciate your skills and work ethic; I enjoy the manner in which you approach your day. I know whenever I place a call to Born and Bicknell that the staff on the other end will greet me with enthusiasm for the work at hand. Keep up the great work!


I recently put out a call to Born and Bicknell for an Internist.  Of course, I wanted someone as soon as possible but within a few days, I received a call from my recruiter to clear a name.  That was on August 31st.  On October 7th, I signed that physician for this position - he couldn't be a more perfect fit for our group ! 


The firm, and more specifically, my recruiter, listened to my requests and worked with me and the physician very closely to bring closure to this search.  It was an absolutel delight to work with her.  She made certain that she understood the opportunity and all that it had to offer and communicated it well to the physician.  While we are seasoned and well-accustomed to bringing in physicians for visits, it was my recruiter who did a lot of hand-holding on the other end. 


Whether or not this particular search had been successful, I am grateful for her attention and communication - and  I would be writing this letter regardless of the search's success.  I highly recommend Born and Bicknell for their professional approach to recruiting.  It is a very good experience. 


T. H.

A medical group

Upstate NY

Our organization has worked with Born & Bicknell over the past several years & has experienced nothing but quality!  Each of the recruiters is knowledgeable in the specialty areas they are working in.  It has been pleasure of working with my recruiters .  I have only received quality candidates and have been able to secure a few of them, whom are still on board with us.  We would like to thank all of the staff at Born & Bicknell for their hard work and commitment and for helping us find quality physicians who are great fits for our health system. 



Physician Recruiter

Healthcare System in Wisconsin

Thank you so much for all your time and efforts in assisting our neurosurgery group in our recruitment of a Neurosurgeon.  During all business interactions and communications you conducted yourself in a pleasant and professional manner.  Your prompt response to our phone calls/e-mails is certainly appreciated.  It was a pleasure doing business with you over the past several months and I look forward to future communications with you and your associates. 



I have been working with my recruiter for the past year. During this year she has shown me what a true professional she is in handling recruitment. Her professional demeanor, good listening skills and follow through make her an exception in a profession full of wanna bees. Thanks you for making my job as a Physician Liaison/In House Recruiter so much easier.

JS – group practice in Florida

"We enjoy working with Born & Bicknell.  Dedicated, highly professional staff that does a great job matching physician interests with community/hospital needs!"  

DS in Michigan


I have worked with my recruiter at Born & Bicknell for a number of years.  Communication has always been professional, timely and accurate in the placement of physicians with our organization.  Born & Bicknell has proven itself to be a valuable sourcing tool in my recruitment efforts when the need has arisen. –MH in Wisconsin

Of all the contingency firms I have worked with in my 20 years of physician recruitment for hospitals, I have had the best results with Born & Bicknell.  I have found the search consultants to be highly professional, and the candidates to be horoughly screened and appropriate.    My recruiter sticks with the recruitment effort from start to finish, and has been instrumental in filling some very difficult searches.  This is the firm I call first on all recruitment initiatives. 

"We enjoy working with Born & Bicknell.  Dedicated, highly professional staff that does a great job matching physician interests with community/hospital needs!"  DS in Michigan


As a recruiter for a group of over 100 physicians, I have worked with many recruiting firms over the past decade, yielding a variety of results.  In my estimation, Born & Bicknell stands head and shoulders above the rest. Your staff members consistently present qualified, stellar candidates for our positions.  I am always assured that they are pre-screened for suitability with our practice and our area.  This is a great time-saver for me. All of your firm’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’s recruiters are professional, knowledgeable and eager to assist wherever possible throughout the procurement process.  While I enjoy my relationship with each one of your staff, I consider my recruiter my “go to gal” whenever I have a recruiting need.  She is a pleasant, delightful woman who I consider a friend.  She is a great ambassador for your firm.

 I look forward to more placements with Born & Bicknell!

D. Y.

Group in Florida

My Born & Bicknell recruiter is my favorite recruiter.  She is very friendly, professional, and best of all, she doesn't waste my time!  She is one of the few recruiters that I don't dread speaking with because I can't get them off the phone. She is also excellent at keeping me posted of changes, and keeping me on track with my responsibilities.  She has a knack of doing this without bugging me like a used car salesman - like some other recruiters.  Born & Bicknell also sends excellent candidates.  I know that I can trust the CVs that they send to me. I'm very happy to be doing business with B&B.


Director of Clinic Operations

My hat's off to Born and Bicknell for your success in assisting  us three times in the past year, finding physicians for our hard to fill slots of Endocrinology, Rheumatology, and Cardiology. Your professional staff is to be commended.

Practice Development Coordinator

I have worked with my recruiter of Born & Bicknell for the past several years. What a delight! She is always upbeat and enthusiastic about your search and works very diligently to meet your needs. I found her to be extremely professional and she only sent me the type of candidates that I had requested. And we hired physicians with her help! I wish she only worked for me!

L. W. Physician Recruiter

I was very pleased working with your company, especially with my recruiter. I appreciate very much the professional and efficient service she provided to me. She was very knowledgeable, courteous and friendly. In my opinion she is a great asset to your organization.
I will definitely recommend Born & Bicknell to my physician friends and residents.

Thank you very much. 


Y. M., M.D.

This recruiter has been patiently working with me since last year on a particular search and has made a lasting impression with her determination. She has never stopped or let down her guard on this search and is one of the few that actually listen to what we're really concentrating on when it comes to candidates.  She does a great job for B & B and has my vote to be promoted to a higher office!!  After we close this search of course!!!!!!!! ha ha ha


Physician Recruiter

I appreciate all the hard work your staff does at Born and Bicknell.  In  my 3 years as a physician recruiter, we have worked closely with several of your recruiters in searching for many specialties.  Recently we were most pleased to add 2 new doctors to our team as a result.  One of those searches was one we had been looking for over 3 years!  I would say that the recruiters at Born and Bicknell are very thorough and the follow up they employ is ver comprehensive!  I have enjoyed a good working relationship and look forward to continuing to do the same.

Director of Physician Recruiting and Marketing

I am very particular about which recruitment firms and consultants I work with, and my Born & Bicknell recruiter is one of my all-time favorite consultants.  She is knowledgeable about our community, hospital, physicians and practice opportunities, and only presents qualified candidates who fit our criteria.  She is very professional, does a wonderful job, and lets me do my job as well.  She made me look especially good when she placed a fabulous female general surgeon with us.   She is the best!     

Physician Support Coordinator

I have been working with your agency for several years now.  As of July 25th, I will be moving on to another Physician Recruiting position with a hospital in North Carolina.  As I leave my present position, I wanted to take the time to drop you a line to commend two of your recruiters on the outstanding service that they have provided our medical group and hospital. My recruiters have provided me with  outstanding service during my tenure here. I especially enjoy their candid, but always professional personalities.  We have contracted several candidates through
Born and Bicknell over the past three years, including hard to find areas of Rheumatology, Cardiology, and Endocrinology.  Too many times, we are quick to convey negative happenings, and never the positive.  I wanted to take the time to say thank you for the job that your company is doing and to commend these two employees that I have worked most closely with. 
Practice Development Coordinator


All of the people I have come into contact with at Born & Bicknell have been very professional and a joy to interact with.  I applaud you for cultivating such a high caliber staff.  Of course now that you mentioned the twins you'll be forced to endure a steady flow of baby pictures.  Enjoy your weekend and thank you for the high standard of service. 


P. A.

Marketing & Recruitment

I recently worked with Born & Bicknell on the recruitment of a general surgeon for our facility.  My recruiter and the entire Born & Bicknell team were very helpful in screening candidates and presenting only those who matched our requirements.  Thanks to her efforts, I was able to successfully complete the search in far less time and with far fewer headaches than I anticipated.  When future needs arise, my first call will be to Born & Bicknell!

K. T.

A V.P. at a Texas Hospital

What a wonderful experience working with the Born & Bicknell recruiters!  There is no comparison to the service I receive from my account exec,  She listens to my requests, has taken the time to understand our market and sends candidates perfectly suited to our needs.  Above all, she is a joy to work with!  I highly recommend her and the Born & Bicknell firm to anyone seeking the perfect physician candidate.

Diane P.
Physician Recruiter