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At Born & Bicknell, our reputation is a result of the respectful atmosphere our company values and projects. This means that our staff respects each other, all of our candidates, all of our clients, and every individual we encounter. Simply stated, we have earned our reputation by doing good business.

Feel free to peruse interesting stories and comments from some of our physician candidates and clients. We hope you will share their experiences as it will give you an idea of what you can expect when you allow us to serve you.

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Client Testimonial

I had a good discussion with Dr. McC.   She remains interested so I told her one of the physicians would be contacting her early next week. 


Youve referred so many candidates that I think well talk with as many as possible and then choose who we want to invite for an interview.  Ive honestly never had so many candidates at once so were treating this process differently than the past where we got 1 candidate every 6-12 months.  We should have found you guys years ago.   Thanks for all your help.

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