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At Born & Bicknell, our reputation is a result of the respectful atmosphere our company values and projects. This means that our staff respects each other, all of our candidates, all of our clients, and every individual we encounter. Simply stated, we have earned our reputation by doing good business.

Feel free to peruse interesting stories and comments from some of our physician candidates and clients. We hope you will share their experiences as it will give you an idea of what you can expect when you allow us to serve you.

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Candidate Testimonial

I knew the very first time when I spoke to my Born & Bicknell consultant that here was a company with a difference. When I brought up the task of trying to find not just me but my husband a position in the same town, coming from two very different backgrounds, instead of getting a lukewarm retort I got an enthusiastic 'can do" response. That diligent enthusiasm and caring continued throughout the job search and beyond. I felt like I found a very knowledgeable friend who wanted the best for me and my family and not just someone out there for their own interests. Thanks and God bless!

Dr. Darla H. 

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