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At Born & Bicknell, our reputation is a result of the respectful atmosphere our company values and projects. This means that our staff respects each other, all of our candidates, all of our clients, and every individual we encounter. Simply stated, we have earned our reputation by doing good business.

Feel free to peruse interesting stories and comments from some of our physician candidates and clients. We hope you will share their experiences as it will give you an idea of what you can expect when you allow us to serve you.

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Client Testimonial

Today I am celebrating the signing of a contract with a breast surgeon and one of our Surgical Practices.  I feel that it is only fitting that I brag about my experience with your company. I only began recruiting physicians in July of 2006 and have experienced several not so nice recruiting firms that helped me quickly learn who did and did not earn our facilities's business. I began working with my recruiter at Born and Bicknell in January, 2007. We were searching for a Urologist at that time. During our conversation, I asked her if she had a breast surgeon candidate. By March, she had found an excellent candidate for us. As of today, June 18, 2007, all of our teamwork and efforts have resulted in our candidate committing to our facility where she will be starting in January, 2008! (CELEBRATE!) During the entire process, she was very friendly, professional and accommodating. I felt like we were a great team. She always kept me up to date with any news regarding the candidate. We spoke to each other almost every day during the recruiting process, sharing ideas and laughs. If there were times when  either of us was having a bad day, hearing each others "sunny voice" made a real difference. We have become "phone friends" and I look forward to working with her and many more candidates in the future. (I even bragged about her on the ASPR website!) I hope her phone rings off the hook!!!  At no time did she make me feel pressured or stressed like some recruiting companies have a way of doing. She made me feel like her most important client, even though I know she had many others at the same time. She treated me with respect and kindness.  I would HIGHLY recommend her and Born and Bicknell to any facility needing the assistance of an excellent recruiting company. You won't be sorry that you did. Your next doctor is just a phone call away!!!!!

Thank You for allowing me to share my experience.

Sharon in PA 

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