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Welcome to the Born & Bicknell Physician Opportunity Search! Our goal at Born & Bicknell is to help you achieve your goals in seeking a new practice. Simply click on the States of your choice and specialty to review a portion of the opportunities we have available. Contact our offices directly and talk to our professional physician consultants for even more up to the minute opportunities throughout the United States.
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Candidate Testimonials

Finally, the interviews are over! I spent an enormous amount of time speaking with recruiters from all of the country. Some were helpful, others were not. Some were rude and pushy, a few were pleasant and professional. In fact, I think I have communicated with just about every recruiter out there. From other recruiters, I received letters promising great things, phone calls to my house late at night while my kids were sleeping, and I received too many e-mails to count. Somehow amongst all the mayhem, I managed to run across my recruiter at Born & Bicknell, Inc. I can honestly say that my experience with her has been fantastic! She has been respectful, courteous and extremely professional. Because of her I was able to find exactly what I have been looking for in a surgical practice. I signed with a multispecialty group in Iowa two days ago. Life is good........  


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Client Testimonials

I was very pleased working with your company, especially with my recruiter. I appreciate very much the professional and efficient service she provided to me. She was very knowledgeable, courteous and friendly. In my opinion she is a great asset to your organization.
I will definitely recommend Born & Bicknell to my physician friends and residents.

Thank you very much. 


Y. M., M.D.

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