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Candidate Testimonials

Hello. My name is Darrell , I am the spouse of one of your recent clients - a Dr. Stephanie L. who was placed in Dalton Georgia. If it is alright with you, I'd like to express a few thoughts on behalf of my family as it relates to our overall experience with Born & Bicknell and namely one of your consultants.

From the very beginning, several months ago, it was my pleasure to work with my recruiter directly on almost a daily basis - as my wife was too busy practicing GI medicine here in Biloxi Mississippi.  It did not take very long, within in a couple of weeks or so, for my recruiter to distinguish herself among the other so-called "premier" physician recruitment firms out there. After several weeks, my wife and I were certain we had identified the best company to work with - and believe me, there were too many to number which we interviewed during the early weeks of our job search. My recruiter had established a level of professional trust and credibility which left us feeling very optimistic about the future. -- As we progressed through our "search," she persevered our concerns with utmost professionalism and genuine concern. My recruiter never made us feel as though she was pushing us in any given direction (pardon my crudeness) just to make a sale so to speak. She listened thoroughly to our criteria, and worked feverishly on our behalf exploring every viable opportunity out there. Once my family narrowed our choice to
Dalton, requiring a second site visit, my recruiter and one of her colleagues addressed our concerns to the folks at HMC quite effectively. Ms. Born, I really don't know where to end this commentary, except to say your company exceeded any expectations we might of had of any recruitment firm when we started our search.  You guys were helpful in every way possible - from providing assistance with the job search itself, to helping with travel plans and reimbursements.  Born & Bicknell saved us untold amounts of time and stress by working with us in such a comprehensive manner and we are truly appreciative of your efforts. You have replaced our "Biloxi Blues" (a la Matthew Broderick) with the "Dalton Happies" I guess you could say.  My family and I are looking forward to living in this community which you helped us find. I think you should be really proud of your people.  They obviously care a great deal about what they do, which is more than you can say about most companies today.

Sorry my comments were more than a "few."

With sincere thanks to you Ms Born, and your staff,

Stephanie, Justus, & Darrell
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Client Testimonials

Our organization has worked with Born & Bicknell over the past several years & has experienced nothing but quality!  Each of the recruiters is knowledgeable in the specialty areas they are working in.  It has been pleasure of working with my recruiters .  I have only received quality candidates and have been able to secure a few of them, whom are still on board with us.  We would like to thank all of the staff at Born & Bicknell for their hard work and commitment and for helping us find quality physicians who are great fits for our health system. 



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